5 Reasons NOT To Join The One School Goa

1. If Fun & Party is top of your mind
The One School Goa is committed to create professionals in the field of photography and DSLR filmmaking ready to work with clients immediately after graduating. The program is very rigorous and demanding it requires passion, creativity, discipline and hard work.

Point 1
Photo Credit: Rohit Iyer

Since your parents and you would be investing a substantial amount in your learning process, it will be worth that you are focused and ready to go through the grind to achieve your objective.
All this does not mean that you get no time to relax. You will have those opportunities while you are with The One School Goa, yet it is important that you get your priorities right.
Once, you are successful – you will have a lot to party in life!

2. If you expect to be spoon fed
This being a creative field, the conventional teaching model fails to bring out the best in a student. The One School Goa adopts a pedagogy that is summarized

point 2
Photo Credit: Daniel D’souza

in its philosophy ‘We don’t teach, we let you learn’. The school encourages its students to experiment, make mistakes and innovate. By following this method, a student takes ownership of his learning experience which stays with him a lifetime, while allowing him to develop his/her own individualistic style and identity that will help him stand apart in the highly competitive commercial world.

3. If your objective to acquire a mere diploma or a degree
The One School Goa is out to make a professional out of you. The program is experiential and entrepreneurial in nature. It helps you develop a strong portfolio that does the talking for you. In the creative field, you will be judged on your work and not the certificate, diploma or degree you carry.

Printed Photo Books made by the students for the end of the year jury

4. If you lack the love and passion
You must have heard this ‘if you make your passion your profession, you will never work a day in your life’. The focus, the drive, the discipline all of it comes from your love or passion for a particular subject. A parent who visited us with his son who was aiming for IIT earlier told us that his child experiments till late night with his camera wakes up unassisted before sunrise for a photo-shoot a dedication he never displayed while preparing for engineering entrance exams.
If you are capable of displaying this level of passion and possess the burning desire to learn then this school is for you – otherwise, you are wasting your parents’ money.

Magnum Photographer Martin Parr interacting with the students on our campus

5. Want to learn celluloid film processing and dark-room technique
The school’s vision is future-centric and believes in preparing their students to be ready to learn and adapt to what the future will need. The digital world has increased the creative possibilities in unimaginable ways waiting to be harnessed by creative souls like you.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 3.12.12 pm.png
Photo Credits: Abhinav Anguria (L) Rodin Rahman (R)

The processing and darkroom technique is now performed digitally devoid of all the hazardous chemicals used in the former. The subject is however adequately covered when they learn the history of photography.  Yet, as a professional school,  we prefer to focus on helping our students work with the digital processes and stay informed of the future trending technologies which will help them stand apart as a commercial photographer and filmmaker. 



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