Learning The Art Of Visual Storytelling – Your Road To Success

Photographs by our student Malavika Shekhar was published recently on PhotoVogue an online photography platform, part of Vogue Italia. We take pride in her early milestone. This prompted us to write this post on visual storytelling. Before that take a look at the images by Malavika along with her comments on its making. Source : https://goa.theone.school/learning-the-art-of-visual-storytelling-your-road-to-success/


5 Reasons NOT To Join The One School Goa

1. If Fun & Party is top of your mind The One School Goa is committed to create professionals in the field of photography and DSLR filmmaking ready to work with clients immediately after graduating. The program is very rigorous and demanding it requires passion, creativity, discipline and hard work. Since your parents and you …